Ayurvedic facial

The Ayurvedic facial course focuses on Ayurvedic anatomy & physiology.
There are different facial techniques and unique home-preparation of facial products according to the individual constitutions (Doshas)

An Ayurvedic facial is far more than part of a beauty routine, it is a work on your entire system, mind, body and spirit. From the face, we can improve many of the processes in our body as well as improve the look of the skin, refresh and tone.

In this 3 month course, the students study the pertinent anatomy and physiology, are introduced to Ayurvedic solutions for the skin as well as extensive practical lessons and practice. The study of marma points in the face as known in Ayurveda are a core practice in this course along with their purpose and treatment.
The theoretical and practical knowledge in this course allows graduates to begin to professional perform Ayurvedic facials or add to one’s current practice.

Starting in January 2019!
The course is given once a week for 12 weeks from 10am-3pm

Course description
Facial therapy technique, anatomy, physiology, unique preparation of facial products.

Tuition: $2500
Deposit: $200
Registration: $250 for materials & registration
Duration: 3 months – no internship

This course does not have any Ayurvedic or Yoga prerequisites.

All courses are given in English at this time.

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