Ayurveda School

In Ayurveda optimum health of an individual is determined when mind, body and spirit are flowing seamlessly. Each and everyone of us is comprised of five elements, fire, earth, air, water, ether & space. However, in this ancient tradition the five main elements are further simplified into three main doshas for every person; Pitta (fire), kapha (earth) & vata (air).

Unfortunately when one or all our doshas (elements) are too high or too low symptoms start surface and manifest on both our mind and body. Our role as an Ayurveda practitioner is train our students to catch the symptoms and stop them before they continue to manifest and turn into disease.

The Ayurvedic Holistic Centre & Spa in Montreal is the heart of the practice of Ayurveda in our city. The team is lead by Anita, a 4th generation Vaidya from India and her husband Manu Sharma. Their lifetime of training and experience go into each detail of the Centre and school. Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, meditation, pranayama classes, spa treatments, personal Ayurvedic lessons and seminars are welcome to all!

The Ayurvedic Holistic Centre & Spa in Montreal now offer a series of classes and seminars for the general public as well as for professionals and Ayurvedic practitioners. Our team is dedicated to each student as we strongly believe in Gurukul practice, where the teachers heart is deeply devoted to each student.

See the courses and calendar pages for details.

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