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Welcome to the Institute of Ayurveda & Wellbeing
Ayurveda is an ancient system of holistic healing indigenous to India that is more
than 5000 years old. It has an oral history that is many millennia longer and it is thought by some scholars to be the world’s oldest healing system. Ayurveda is a guide to the
art of living; offering guidance in living habits and exercise & therapies, with the goal of restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit. In this way, the bodily systems are optimized and create a barrier to disease.


If you are unsure about where you might like to begin with Ayurvedic treatments or if you are currently feeling unwell; the best place to start is with an Ayurvedic consultation.
During this 1-1½ hour session you will meet with an Ayurvedic practitioner to discuss your current lifestyle and state of health. After a thorough Ayurvedic examination, you will be given recommendations for the ideal eating plan for you, with direction in food preparation and choices, so that you will be able to achieve your optimal state of well-being. You will also receive suggestions for the most ideal Ayurvedic therapies (including herbal supplements) for you, favorable exercise, lifestyle and spiritual choices for your individual constitution and for your current state of health.

Ayurveda in Montreal
The Institute of Ayurveda and Wellbeing is part of the Centre & Spa d’Ayurveda Holistique which is a full Ayurvedic service spa in Montreal, Quebec. Our team of Ayurvedic practitioners, therapists and technicians are there to serve you, bringing every aspect of Ayurveda into our city. ayurvedamtl.com

Learning Ayurveda
Starting to learn Ayurveda and it’s related practices either on a professional level or to further your personal journey into Yoga and Ayurveda is an enriching journey.
From starting the course with a puja, to personal connection with the instructors,
we are there to make each course a memorable and fulfilling experience. The classes are given in small and intimate groups where students are encouraged to learn and grow. See our courses and start your journey!

Every new group of graduating Ayurvedic practitioners hosts an internship where they see participants for free! Call us for more details and book your spot!
See our Calendar for dates.

To register for any course or seminar, you must call us at 514 369 3561 and save your spot. All our events have a limited number of attendants.

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